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  • Baby Lemon laundry soap

    Main ingredients: Natural Oil, lemon extract, aloe extract, coconut oil, Glycerin and other plant extracts: Contains a variety of gentle and clean plant essence, formulated for deep decontamination of baby clothing: Remove stubborn stains such as milk stains, urine stains and sweat stains from Darling's clothing: Mild and no residue, leaving the clothes fluffy and soft, breathable and comfortable

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    Laundry products with innovative multi-effect concentrated nursing technology

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  • Hipseat Carrier

    Traditional hanging braces tend to press down on the bottom of your baby's thighs, and long-term use can easily lead to early o-shaped legs. Our straps can be used to pull darling up naturally, which is beneficial to the healthy development of your baby's bones. Product Style: Removable multi-function Baby Bench Product Function: breast-kiss + kangaroo + back product material: COTTON + 3D breathable Mesh suitable occasion: Home/bedroom/go out for months age: 0-36 months

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  • Dispelling Mites

    Plant ingredient a lemon eucalyptus leaf and Citronella extract to safely Repel House Mites. Fresh natural one plant ingredient volatilizes, the light plant fragrance. Ease slow-release an advanced slow-release technology, continuous release, no artificial flavors, ease of use. Open the package, open the transparent film, take out the acarid-removing bag, and affix a time-indicating sticker on the surface of the acarid-removing bag. The mite-removing bag is placed in a pillowcase, under a bed sheet, in a wardrobe, in a quilt, under a SOFA cushion, etc. . Remove MITE bag every two months to replace, if the use of pillowcases, it is recommended that each pillow with a bag.

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  • Baby Massage Oil

    Core ingredients: Olive oil olive oil is rich in skin affinity excellent squalene and human Essential fatty acid absorption quickly, effectively maintain skin elasticity and moisture; Olive oil is rich in Monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, K, a, D and phenolic antioxidants, can eliminate facial wrinkles, prevent skin aging, skin care and hair care, prevention and treatment of chapped hands and feet.

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  • Baby Herbal Butt Cream

    Specially developed for Darling skin-friendly formula, extract high-quality plant extract, rich in Glycerin, gallnut extract, lavender oil, Chamomile oil, dimethyl stearate according to Lithium Montmorillonite isothermal and non-stimulating ingredients, scientific formula, effectively soothes the skin to repel the red bottom, Darling daily care, early performance of the red bottom has a clear effect, to darling more comprehensive care.

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Let us help you understand more BABYGO products

Babygo (UK) Industry& Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 is a leader manufacturer who specialized in natural mosquito repellents. For the past 20 years, we developed13000㎡ standard workshop with 130 employees, and have our laboratory with a strong R&D team work who special in this field for 20 years. Our R&D research out the technology which condensed the natural essential oil to be a polymer and combined to silicone then release slowly which is 4 times effective against traditional dip in methods. Our polymer release technology has been patented and we are preparing for other 3 items invention paten...Read More
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Let us help you understand more BABYGO products

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Let us help you understand more BABYGO products

  • 2016-12-24

    We will take part in ASD MARKET WEEK  from 19-22 Mar., 2017. Welcome you to visit our booth: SL2556. Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas Convention Center. 

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  • 2016-11-05
    Feedback from Mega show.

    We took part in Mega show part1 in Hongkong. And get a nice feedback from the customers in the world. The customers from Asia, Euro, America, South America...

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  • 2016-09-01
    To know more about Zika

    Zika originated in Africa and appears to have spread slowly until around 2013 and 2014. It really took off in Brazil last year, and scientists are not yet sure precisely why. It could have to do with ...

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  • 2016-08-20
    Why Do Mosquitoes Like To Bite You Best?

    Why Do Mosquitoes Like To Bite You Best? It's In Your Genes. A study that asked a few dozen pairs of twins to brave a swarm of hungry mosquitoes has revealed another clue to the cluster of reasons the...

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